Tours By Roberto

Tours By Roberto Inc is a boutique American company specializing in tours of Tuscany and Italy. Known for our excellent communication with clients, we work together with our talented and passionate Italian colleagues to make your trip unforgettable.

Joinable Day Tour - Crete Senesi

Crete Senesi - Picture-perfect pristine Countryside

  • Nature's exquisite palate changing with the seasons, alternating  cultivated fields with patches of pure gray clay
  • Monastic life of the 14th c. and Renaissance masterpieces
  • A characteristic medieval hamlet built in local brick and travertine stone
  • The unforgettable taste of local pecorino cheese
  • Culinary delights in season such as olive press visits or truffle hunting
  • Wine tasting of award-winning Brunello wine

Joinable Day Tour Lunch

Please note that all day trips have lunch as an extra cost, generally in the 20 euro per person range. If you are on a tight budget, say so ahead, and we'll try to tweak the itinerary accordingly if possible.