Tours By Roberto

Tours By Roberto Inc is a boutique American company specializing in tours of Tuscany and Italy. Known for our excellent communication with clients, we work together with our talented and passionate Italian colleagues to make your trip unforgettable.

extended tours - beyond tuscany

Touring Southern Italy, with 6-14 people in a group

For well over a decade, we have conducted tours of Tuscany according to our philosophy of mixing classically beautiful destinations with off-the-beaten path elements, for a tour rich in history and folklore. Perhaps you have your heart set on seeing Southern Italy as well as Tuscany, or  have already spent time in Tuscany and would like to go to a new area of Italy with your friends or relatives. We have come to love pushing beyond the Tuscan borders at times (ironic, given regional rivalries in Italy) because there are areas that still remain undiscovered by mass tourism, and the local hospitality is so genuine and warm.

With a group of 6 to 14 participants, and at least seven days to spend in the area, Tours by Roberto can arrange a Southern Sampler tour exploring the rich mosaic of Greek, Roman, Norman and Byzantine cultures which forms Southern Italy today.

This is not intended as a day-trip from Tuscany, but rather a set of customized itineraries prepared to immerse you and your friends into this splendid region of Italy,  experiencing its varied culture and reveling in its food, wine and craftsmanship.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Hotel on the Tyrrhenian sea
  • Toast sunsets over the sea as we set our minds and forks to an unforgettable seafood feast
  • See the Amalfi coast and stop at splendid beaches via boat, rather than the treacherous-seeming roads... examine stunning ceramics from clay mixed with lava rock...luxuriate on a 5-star beach near the Pollino mountain chain
  • Visit a village where time seems to stand still, the setting for Mel Gibson's “The Passion”
  • Take a cooking class on a working farm and sip wine in an underground cellar carved out of local stone
  • Marvel at the archeological wonders of Sicily
  • Stroll through a fishing village hanging over the sea

Sound  wonderful? Contact us for detailed itineraries and prices.