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Plan Your Trip - Transportation

Val D'Orcia Pienza

Val D'Orcia Pienza

Train Schedules

Bus Schedules

  • TRA-IN is the main Siena bus company; site in Italian. Go to EXTRAURBANO and plug in the destination cities (URBANO means buses within the city.) Shortly this site will be in English.
  • SENA runs buses to Rome, Assisi, Bologna and Perugia that can be faster than the train.
  • Another site with Florence- Siena bus schedule information, in Italian.
  • New site trying to combine all the above and not yet quite working



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Ferry Schedules

Italian Terms

Note departure and arrival times are always shown using the 24 hour clock, instead of 'am' and 'pm'.

Codes often used in Italian schedules:

  •  "giorn"  =  daily (giornaliero), Mon-Sun
  •  "fer"  =  workdays (feriali), Mon-Sat
  •  "-sab"  =  not Saturday (Sabato), so Mon-Fri
  • "sab"  =  Saturday only (sabato)
  •  "fest"  =  holidays (festivi), so Sundays and holidays

Thus, for example, if you want to catch a bus on a Sunday, look on the schedule for those buses marked "giorn" or "fest". There will be fewer of these than 'weekday' buses, and perhaps no faster service available.

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