Tours By Roberto

Tours By Roberto Inc is a boutique American company specializing in tours of Tuscany and Italy. Known for our excellent communication with clients, we work together with our talented and passionate Italian colleagues to make your trip unforgettable.

Frequent Questions

Maremma Pitigliano

Can we add a town that is not on any of your itineraries?

It depends.  We believe both in helping you arrange your dream trip AND designing logical, sequential, meaningful days. Feel free to bring up your itinerary request and we will see if it can be done.  This is easier on a private tour, of course!

How far ahead should I book?

As soon as possible. In high season our tours fill quickly.

What is included in the price? What can we expect to spend?

Generally, the daytrip covers one of our talented and knowledgeable drivers and his van, from pickup (generally right at your hotel) to drop-off (your hotel or the town center or train station, as you prefer). Wine tasting and any admissions and lunch are generally extra. If the van is full, we will include wine tasting. Wine tasting varies from free to 10 euros pp, lunch is around 25 euros pp.

We don't mind spending money -- is it better to book a private tour?

Most people enjoy the joinable tours best. The maximum size is 8, and the banter amongst the members of each small group is usually part of what makes for a special day. However, private tours are a great idea if you have a unique or long itinerary (not one we offer) or two or more children, who might appreciate being catered to a bit. 

We are paying a babysitter to take a second honeymoon. We really don't want kids on the tour.

If you are the first to reserve, we do our best to accommodate requests like this. Make sure to be clear (and double wine tours are the most likely to remain adults only!) If you are joining others, of course, you have to be flexible. The safest thing of course, if within reach, is a private tour. 

We are vegan/ celiac/ have allergies etc. Will we be able to eat?

PLEASE make any special needs known (including difficulty walking, eating issues, or the need for frequent bathroom stops). We will do our best to accommodate you - and should certainly manage!

What happens if it rains?

We do try to keep it from raining. That said, the tour will go on, even in inclement weather. Your guide may suggest a different itinerary if it makes sense, one that includes a bit more time indoors.

Can I reserve with my credit card?

Yes! We will send you a secure link for now, and soon should have an automatic booking system up and running (late Jan 2019)

What other payment methods work?

We should be able to take Paypal and Venmo. Just ask.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel? And if I pay in full?

Please buy travel insurance!

If you are insured, you needn't even worry about such questions, and all your bookings will be reimbursed by a good insurer.  Possibilities include CSA Travel Protection, Travelsafe, Travelex, Allianz Global Assistance, and others.

We require a relatively small deposit of 30 percent of your tour costs to hold the tour, but it is a non-refundable deposit.  (Remember,  booking and then rebooking  is actually MORE work for our staff!) If you opt to pay in full, the 70 percent -- minus what we pay in fees to receive it -- is totally refundable until the day before the tour date, but obviously for us (and clients who would like to join) it's a disaster to have a last minute cancellation, so please try to avoid it.

Can I start a tour in Siena and end it in Florence or vice versa?

Certainly on private tours.  We usually start and end joinable tours in the same city. That said, the worst we can do is say no, so you can ask. If it happens that EVERYONE on a tour wants to do so, or your group is six people, it could happen.

If we cannot accommodate your request, we can still certainly help you out with logistics on getting to Florence or elsewhere. For example you CAN put your bags in the van, and ask to be dropped off at a train or bus station after the tour. OR, you could take a bus to Siena to join a tour that starts in Siena, leaving your bags in the van during the tour, etc.

Is a car necessary to move around?

 Travelers staying in the city and touring with TBR should not need a car. Travelers staying in farmhouses or other country lodgings might feel stranded without one (although if you tour with Roberto and stay at our home, that might work out fine). Keep in mind that wine tasting and driving should not mix- there is zero tolerance in Italy for DUI.

Do you offer walking/hiking/biking tours?

We can arrange all of the above with trusted colleagues. Just ask!

Are your tours suited for children?

Yes, though some itineraries are more fun than others (kids are not much into wine tasting).

Do kids have to pay?

We do not charge for one child under 12. If you have a family with more  kids under twelve it is worth considering  booking a private tour, with pricing to be determined according to an itinerary which takes the kids into special consideration.

Any there any discounts for possessors of the Rick Steve guide?

Yes. Unfortunately we have been forced by much greater expenses to us to raise the price in 2019 - 110 euros per person plus lunch. If you can show us your 2018-2019 Rick Steves guidebook (any Italy book) and we will give you ten euros off, so 100 euros per person plus 25 pp for food/wine. A discount to RS clients is also available on private tours- ask!